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CCPC has a dedicated staff of over 30 people, including administrative staff, case managers, counselors, direct care workers, and mentors. For information on opportunities to join the workforce at CCPC, please see our employment page.

Our Executive Staff members are:

  • Debby Lute – Executive Director
  • Brandi Haws, MSW – Director of Program Services
  • Betty Willis, MA, LPC – Program Manager, Mentoring & Mental Health

To contact our executive staff members directly, please see our Contact page and choose the “Contact a specific staff member” option.

CCPC Board of Directors:

  • Mark Adams
  • Sean Banks, President
  • Sandy Evans, Treasurer
  • Felipe Rendon
  • Priscilla Sattergren, Vice President
  • Vacant, Secretary

CCPC is currently seeking to add new Directors to the board.  If you are interested, please contact our Executive Director, Debby Lute, at debby.lute@ccpcusa.com.  Additional information is available within this Information Packet for Prospective Board Members.